We can help with: dog walking and jogging, paw-ty breaks, pet checks, pet sitting, brushing, transportation, appointments, dog cleanup, litter boxes or cage cleanup.

Because they’re part of the family too!

All prices are an estimate per service and do not include GST.

Travel, additional or exotic pets, after hours, weekend, and holiday rates may apply.

Walking/Jogging Services

15 Minutes

Just enough time to get some fresh air and stretch their legs. Excellent option for elderly pets.

45 Minutes

Time for us to get out and explore your neighbourhood with your fur-baby.

45 Minute Jog

Perfect pick for you energetic bestie!

1-2/wk $20

3/wk $18

4+/wk $15

1-2/wk $38

3/wk $35

4+/wk $30

1-2/wk $45

3/wk $42

4+/wk $40

Dogs, cats, bunnies, turtles, birds, hamsters, fish!

Pet Care Services

Paw-ty Breaks

20 minute visit including feeding, administering medication, play time, and pee break.

Pet Check

Pet visit including feeding, administering medication, play time, and cage/tank/litter box cleaning.

Pet Sitting

Going out of town? One of our Elves will stay in your home with your beloved pets. One 45 minute walk included.

1-2/wk $25

3/wk $23

4+/wk $20

1-2/wk $25

3/wk $23

4+/wk $20

Daily Rate $100

Half Day $60


Everyone needs to brush their hair or fur… We’ll come to your home and brush your fur-baby.

XS/Small $25+

Medium $35+

Large/XL $50+


Need to get your pet to or from the kennel, veterinarian, groomers, custody sharing?

Call for quote.


Whether it’s for the vet or groomer we will pick-up, wait, and drop off your pet.

Call for quote.

Dog Cleanup

Everyone loves the dog and promises to clean up after him but we know that life is busy and it’s a messy job.

Litter Boxes

Pregnant? Have more important things to do than clean up after Whiskers? Whether it’s for medical or time reasons, we’re here for you and them!


Do you have an adorable hamster, bunny, guinea pig, or bird cage that needs cleaning?




1 Dog $20

2 Dogs $25

3 Dogs $30

1 Cat $20

2 Cats $25

3 Cats $30

1 Pet $20

2 Pets $25

3 Pets $30

Initial/One-time/ Seasonal Cleanup

1 Dog $100

2 Dogs $150

3 Dogs $200

Need a pet service that is not listed above? Call us for an à la carte option.

Ready for a pet meet and greet?

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