“Happiness will be found when you Edit your Life’s Focus and invest your energy in your aspirations and not your obligations”

– Krysta Erickson, ELF Co. Founder

Are you ready to put yourself first? Here’s how we can help!

ELF Co. puts YOU first! That sounds nice doesn’t it? We offer à la carte services designed by you for your home and family’s unique needs- top to bottom, inside and out, one of a kind experience. You will love your clean and fresh home, you will love your messy kids, and your fur babies, you will be amazed by your peace of mind and new found energy, and in the end, you’ll love us too! After all, we are magical elves that sneak in while you’re away and take care of all the stress and mess. It warms our hearts to Sprinkle Kindness everywhere we go and so we hope you like coming home to surprises.

Are you looking for daily, weekly, or bi-weekly help? Our mission is to help you create more balance in your life by taking away all the mental and physical burden of household and lifestyle chores. Imagine never having to worry about the laundry again. Tired of cleaning the kitty litter and dog run? Dreading waiting on hold or standing in line? Don’t want to hassle your kids to clean their rooms? It is time for you to be their mom and let us be their maid! Don’t lift a figure, don’t even give it another thought, brain dump these tasks to ELF Co. forever!

It’s your home and we want you to feel calm and relaxed. Customize your package any way you want! When you meet with a team member for your complimentary walk through, they will create a customized package perfect for your lifestyle.

Some items that clients have used to customize their experience include (but are not limited to):

Rise & Shine Cleaning Package

Daily cleanup- make beds, wipe bathroom sinks and showers, unload and reload dishwasher, light tidy in kitchen and entry way.

Errand Services

Give us your to do list and we’ll cross them off your list for you. (Post office, Banking, Bill payment, Picking up prescriptions, Personal shopping, Grocery shopping, Gifts and wrapping, and so much more, GIVE US YOUR CHORE!

Calendar Management

Schedule important appointments, meetings, events. Sign family members up for recreation activities. Upload/add to paper calendar family activities, school calendars, vacations, social events, birthdays, recreation schedules.

Home Services and Repairs

Refer, Coordinate and/or Wait for Home Services and Repairs (like the dreaded 6 hour window for the cable guy to get there)

Home Organization

Closets, dressers, under sinks, junk drawers, entire rooms, garage, etc.

Pet Services

Pet sitting, dog walking, playtime, feeding, medication administration, paw-ty breaks (lunch time), cat checks, pet hair removal, pics of pets during visits, fish tank maintenance, picking up dog run, cleaning litter boxes, pick-up and drop-off to veterinarian or grooming appointments.

Kitchen Refresh

Throw away all expired foods in pantry & fridge as well as clean fridge, pantry and pot/ pan / serving dish refresh.

Floor Package

Monthly carpet stain removal, Quarterly carpet cleaning, floor wax or shine & baseboard deep clean.

Party Package

Pre and post party clean up or deep clean.

Bulbs, Batteries, and Filters

Change lightbulbs, air & water filters, smoke & carbon monoxide detectors, fire extinguishers, exhaust hoods and filters.

Bathroom Refresh

Caulk & deep clean tub toilet & shower, check for leaks in toilets and sinks, shower head renewal, clean dryer vent(s).

Appliance Package

Inside, outside, behind all large appliances.

Health & Wellness

Essential oils, custom scents/ diffuser or wax melter.

Pampering Package

Laundry, dishes, machine wash sofa cushion covers, bed skirt rotation, take donation pile to charity, stocking of cleaning supplies.

Kid Package

Toy disinfection, wall cleaning, diaper delivery.

Exterior Package

Windows, power washing, pool cleaning, BBQ grill cleaning, patio furniture cleaning, Christmas tree removal.

Garage Package

Floors, oil changes, car washes/ detail, fill water softener with salt, flush water heater.

Vacation Visits

Security check with pictures, pet walking/ play time/ feeding, house sitting, fish tank maintenance, winterizing, vacancy make ready, occupancy make ready.

Seasonal Deep Cleans

Looking for a Spring Clean, Summer Shine, Fall Fresher, or Winter Wonder? An à la carte deep dive into cleaning and organizing your home.

Laundry Love

Dry Cleaning pickup and drop-off, wash/dry/fold, ironing, put away and dresser organizing.

Is it throwing in the towel if we wash, fold, and put it away for you?

Happy Mommy Package

On-line weekly girls night out (MELF’s). Monthly date night with babysitting.

Car Detailing

Cleaned inside and out and returned to its parking spot.

Travel Trailer Cleaning

Take the the “aftermess” out of camping. Dishes, appliances, beddings, bathrooms, and floors and yours to clean no more!

Holiday Preparations

Party planning and supply purchase and setup, Purchase, address and mail greeting cards, Update mailing lists and create labels.

Our services are 100% guaranteed.
Call us within 24 hours and let us make it up to you!

Get the help you deserve!
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