Luxury Residential Cleaning & Organizing Services

tired mother asking for help while sitting with children

Need more time?

Are you overworked? Undervalued? Exhausted? Burning the candle at both ends while lighting five more and searching for organic, locally, and ethically sourced wax that’s environmentally friendly and sustainable? Do you relate to this? Are you nodding your head to all these questions? Do you feel overwhelmed? Maybe you even let out a little YAASSS, GIRL!? Or AMEN!? Then you are in the right place!

We are YOUR PERSONAL Elves and will magically appear and disappear while you’re at work or out and about. You will return to a clean, fresh smelling home every day, once a week, or every other week. You are going to have more time, energy, and feel relaxed as the mental and physical burdens of domestic chores disappear from your life. What would you do with an extra hour a day? Would you create balance in your life? Spend more time with your children? Bake? Cook? Exercise? Meditate? Study? Read/ Sleep? Time for a hobby? Did someone say SELF CARE?!

It’s time for you to be their mom and let us be their maid. We work so you can play! Call us today.

Cleaning Services


If true luxury is what you seek, our Rise & Shine package is built just for you! Wake up, get ready, and move on with your day- leave everything to us!


Do you need an extra hour in your day? Prefer to spend your weekends taking your kids on adventures? We got you!


Are you pretty good at keeping up with the day to day but hate cleaning bathrooms and dusting? Let us come out and take care of the extras!

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You are the Queen of your castle, you shouldn’t be cleaning it.

Let us take care of everything!

Home & Lifestyle Services


Have a closet, drawer, or entire room that needs a little tlc? Is it easier for you to just close the door and walk away? We get it, call us!


Grocery shopping, post office, prescription drop off and pick up, personal shopping, bill payments, dry cleaning, and so much more.


Pet care, holiday home checks, calendar management, coordinating home services and repairs so you don’t have to wait at home or on the phone!

High Fives

It was so amazing. Amy and I were blown away. House looks perfect. Thank you so much!

Colin W

The ladies of ELF Co. are wonderful! They do a fantastic job at my house and it’s never looked so good… and they are always so cheerful! I had a room that I referred to as “the disaster room” and it is now the most organized room in my house!

Leslie W

ELF Co. came in and did a phenomenal job from top to bottom. As a single mom & Entrepreneur, ELF Co. is exactly what I needed. After going through several cleaners, Krysta and her team are a breath of fresh air.

Gen S

ELF Co. is fully licensed, insured, and bonded for your protection and ours. All of our employees undergo police criminal record checks and are paid a fair living wage plus bonuses, 100% of client tips, and are covered through WCB. We hire only the best of the best for your family!

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