ELF Co. is a locally owned and operated luxury lifestyle service in Alberta’s capital region.

“Happiness will be found when you Edit your Life’s Focus and invest your energy in your aspirations and not your obligations.”

– Krysta Erickson, ELF Co. Founder

Searching for balance?

Out of the ashes of stress ELF Co. was born. ELF Co. short for Edit Life’s Focus Company is a woman owned and operated lifestyle management firm out of Beaumont, Alberta and services the capital region.

Recognizing the stresses of a corporate job and the busy schedules of three active children our founder stopped, looked around, and decided things just weren’t the way she felt they should be. She decided to take a leap, without parachute, but with all the excitement and hope that she lit up a room when she spoke of her dream of ELF Co.

A need to find peace within herself and balance in her life, she set out to do the same for other moms. Having worked as a Human Resources Manager for a large entertainment company and Business Manager/ Consultant in hospitality and health care, the desire to create a company that was employee, client, environmentally, and community centred was extremely important.

According to Statistics Canada families spend an average of 45 hours a week doing unpaid domestic work which includes: cleaning, chores, household shopping, and caring for children or adult family members. Women are taking on the vast majority of these domestic responsibilities regardless if they are working full-time or not. ELF Co’s goal, thanks to our founder, is to help reduce the stress and mess in your home and life. Let us take care of you! We’re sure we’ll dazzle and delight you with our attention to detail and white glove services.

Are you ready to #getelfed?

Core Values

As a company we strongly stand by our core values and use them as a lighthouse in all our decision making including hiring employees and accepting clients. We are striving to create a service and community of like minded individuals that not only see the joy in the moment but spark it too!

sunset sky over sea and lighthouse located on hill

Sprinkle Kindness


Leave a little joy wherever you go!

How we live this: We love to surprise and delight our clients, employees, and community. Elves are excellent gift givers.

Make an Impact


Contribute greatness no matter how small!

How we live this: We are a chemical free and locally sourced company. Our supplies are manufactured in Canada and are biodegradable, Ecologo certified, vegan, cruelty-free, and participate in a reforestation project.

Move Mountains

Do the impossible!

How we live this: We go above and beyond to provide premium services to our lovely clients while creating a company culture our elves can be proud of including: above average compensation and bonuses, paid time off, paid education opportunities, flexible schedules, and more.

Wear your heart on your sleeve


Authenticity and love above all else!

How we live this: We recognize that building relationships takes: trust, honesty, loyalty, communication, generosity, acceptance, respect, balance, and above all else effort. We tackle every situation will open hearts and minds, and maximum effort.

We help you discover your path to a clean home and clear mind.

Beaumont, Alberta

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